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Freeware for safe keeping all your important information
InfoBox is a software to store your important and sensitive information securely on your computer.

You can safely store stuff like passwords, bank account details, credit card details, logins to various web sites, access codes and other important information.

The information is stored on your computer in a secure Box which is password protected. A box can contain multiple Info.

Who should use InfoBox?

Anybody who wishes to store important information on computer can use use InfoBox to store the information in a safe and manageable manner.

In particular InfoBox is useful for programmers, designers and server administrators who have to store the access details for various clients, servers and systems.

InfoBox is useful for accountants and tax and legal consultants to store client specific sensitive information.

InfoBox is useful for small business owners who typically use lots of third party tools and services to store the access details of all those services.

If you have lots of credit cards and various bank accounts and other financial information it's better to store it in a secure manner protected with a password than saving it in a plain text file or a Word or Excel file.

InfoBox is a freeware. What's more it's a portable application. Nothing to install so you can carry it on a pen drive along with you.

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