uMark PDF Watermarker
Batch Watermark Software for
PDF Documents
PDF Watermarking
Add visible watermarks on your PDF documents. Put your copyright on your important documents.
Batch Processing
Watermark multiple PDF documents at once. Select individual documents or watermark entire folders.
Text and Image Watermarks
Add text or your logo as watermarks. You can add multiple watermarks on a document. Put your company name on your corporate documents.
Fully Customizable Watermarks
Set font properties for the text watermark, choose the placement of the watermarks, set custom transparency and rotation. Have total control over how the watermark looks and where it appears.
Save Watermarks for Reuse
Save time with saved watermarks. Create one or more watermarks and save them for repeat use so you don't have to create them from scratch every time.
Insert Page Numbers
Insert page numbers and total number of pages in your documents.
Password Protected PDFs
Add watermarks to password protected documents. uMark can also remove passwords or apply passwords to PDF documents.
Free Mode
If you have limited number of documents to watermark, then you can use uMark for free. The free mode does not add any of it's own watermarks. Here's a comparison of Free vs Pro mode.
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Complete Feature List

  • Batch watermark multiple PDF documents
  • Watermark entire folder along with sub folders
  • Set watermark text
  • Set watermark font, size and other font properties like bold, italics and underline
  • Set watermark color
  • Add a shadow to watermark to improve visibility
  • Set shadow color
  • Use watermark macros - document name, folder name, document path, page number, total pages
  • Place watermark at one of the 9 predefined positions or set custom X,Y position
  • Set custom transparency
  • Rotate watermark
  • Use an image/logo/signature as watermark
  • Resize the image to be used as watermark
  • Watermark password protected documents
  • Save watermarks for repeat use
  • Save watermarked PDF in a specific folder or the original folder
  • Choose whether to overwrite original PDF
  • Add suffix to watermarked documents
  • Add password to watermarked documents
  • Remove password from password protected documents
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