Video Watermarker
Batch Video Watermark Software
Video Watermarking
Add visible watermarks on your videos. Stamp your copyright on your creative works. Promote your brand and prevent your videos from being used without credit.
Batch Processing
Watermark multiple videos at one go. Add watermarks to your entire collection with few clicks.
Text and Image Watermarks
Add text or your logo as watermarks. You can add multiple watermarks on a video. Include your logo and a copyright statement of a link to your website/channel.
Fully Customizable Watermarks
Set font properties for the text watermark, control the placement of the watermarks and transparency. Have total control over how the watermark looks and where it appears.
Save Watermarks for Reuse
Save time with saved watermarks. Create one or more watermarks and save them for repeat use so you don't have to create them from scratch every time.
Output Control
Control the output of the watermarked videos. Have uMark decide the best quality output based on the input video or specify your own video and audio bitrate and remove audio if you wish.
Convert Video
Convert your video format using uMark. Change your videos to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV or FLV. Change the resolution of the video or have video fit a specific file size.
Free Mode
If you have limited number of videos to watermark, then you can use uMark for free. The free mode does not add any of it's own watermarks. Here's a comparison of free vs pro mode.
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