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Visible watermarking software for digital images

uMark is a powerful batch watermarking software. It enables you to add visible watermarks to your digital images and photos. Be it your company name, logo or a copyright notice; uMark can add all! You can fully customize the placement of your watermark, set a custom font, size, color and transparency. You also have the option of rotating and tiling the watermark. It can also be used as thumbnail generator and batch converter.
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Keep track of your time "visually"

SnapLogger is a visual time tracking software. It takes screenshots of your computer at regular intervals and plays it back like a movie showing what you did the whole day. It makes filling up timesheets a breeze because you can see what you did on your computer at a specific time on a particular day. If your work involves billing your clients on the basis of time you've spent working on their project then SnapLogger is a must have tool for you.
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Password protect your sensitive data

Uconomix Encryption Engine is a powerful file encryption software. It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files and folders by encrypting them with strong encryption algorithm and a password. Uconomix Encryption Engine can batch encrypt multiple files and folders. UEE can encrypt any and all types of files like Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, images, MP3, AVI and more. It Supports English, German, Spanish, French and Italian languages.
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uMark Professional
Professional image watermarking software. Protects your digital photos from unauthorized copying.

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Uconomix SnapLogger
Computer time logging software. Keep track of your time visually. See where have you been wasting your time!

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Web based products and services

Manage your favorite links with Janoos is an online bookmarks/favorites management tool. It allows you to create a page full of your favorite links - the sites that you visit frequently. You can set this page as the home page of your browser so next time whenever you open your browser, you will be presented with the links to your favorite sites and you can browse to any site with a single click!
Stay on top of your bills

Is Due On is an online bill tracker and reminder service. It lets you keep track of your bills and remind you when they are due.
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