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Photo Watermark Software
for Windows and Mac
Apply watermark to multiple images
with a single click
Available in English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Nederlands,
Français, Português and Türk
Add text and image watermarks with uMark
Add text and image watermarks
Add your name or copyright notice along with symbols like © ® £ ¥ or your logo as watermarks on your photos. Stamp your authority over your images.
Batch watermark photos with uMark
Batch watermarking
Watermark hundreds of photos in one go. Add watermarks to multiple photos in minutes with the click of a button.
Batch watermark photos with uMark
Shapes and QR codes
Add various shapes and fill them with solid or gradient colors. Add QR codes as watermark on your photos.
Batch watermark photos with uMark
Border and shadow
Apply borders to your photos. Add a shadow to make the photos stand out.
Fully customizable watermarks with uMark
Fully customizable watermarks
Choose the font, font size, style and color for your watermarks. Set custom transparency level, add shadows or rotate watermarks to your taste.
Place watermarks where you want with uMark
Place watermarks where you want
Select from one of the 9 predefined positions to place your watermark or put the watermark at your desired location on the image by specifying top, left coordinates or by drag and drop.
Live preview of watermark with uMark
Live preview
View the real time preview of the watermark right on the photos you are watermarking so there are no surprises afterwards. Know precisely how the watermarked images will look beforehand.
Add EXIF watermarks with uMark
Add EXIF and other metadata as watermarks
Put a date stamp on your photos with uMark's EXIF watermarks. Add camera information or other technical details as watermarks. Put the image name, location and parameters like size and DPI in watermarks.
Save watermarks for later use with uMark
Save watermarks for later use
Create your perfect watermark once and save it for repeated use. Watermark your next batch of photos within seconds without having to start from scratch.
Watermark tiling with uMark
Watermark tiling for maximum protection
Repeat your watermark horizontally or vertically or both to cover the entire photo so that no single part of the photo can be used without your consent.
Watermark software for Windows and Mac
Multi platform
Whether you are using Windows PC or a Mac. uMark is available for you.
Multi lingual watermark software
Multi lingual
uMark supports 8 languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish. Use uMark in your language.
Sample Watermarks
Click on the images for larger view