uMark 5.3 for Windows
New version of uMark for Windows fixes the height issue on low resolution computers and adds new features in auto numbering and selective processing.
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uMark 5 for Mac released
New version of uMark for Mac includes filters, embossed text watermark, image watermarking enhancements, selective processing, ability to import/export settings and more.
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uMark 5.2 for Windows
You can now bulk resize images with uMark by specifying the size of the longer side and the other side will be calculated automatically.
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How to batch watermark photos?
Often we get this question asking whether uMark can watermark a batch of images. uMark is a batch photo watermark software for Windows and Mac and it's purpose is to let you add watermarks to multiple photos in one go. And yet we get this question from prospective users. Learn how you can batch watermark photos with uMark in a simple 3 step process.
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uMark 5 for Windows is here!
New version of uMark for windows has been released. It adds photo filters, text and image watermarks effects and more.
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Samsung NX30 – camera of the future?
Samsung's new camera the NX30 combines great features with great image quality. Is it the advent of smart cameras?
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How to add unobtrusive watermarks
The trick here is to control the transparency of the watermark. Apply a very faint watermark without shadow and either tile it or make it sufficiently large to cover most part of the photo and you can have a watermark that isn't an eyesore but at the same time removing it becomes difficult.
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Photographer wins $1.2M for his photos stolen from Twitter
If your photos are stolen don't take it lying down, even if you are up against big boys! Photographer won $1.2 in damages from companies that took his photos off Twitter and used for commercial gains.
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Using uMark to watermark photos for eBay listings
Learn how to add watermarks to photos as per the eBay guidelines regarding watermarks.
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uMark 4 for Mac is here
New version of uMark for Mac adds QR code watermarks, polygon watermarks, ability save photos as PDF and applying borders and shadow to photos.
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