uMark Video Watermarker Comparison
uMark Video Watermarker has two modes - Free and Pro. For the first 15 days after you install it, uMark will run in the Pro mode trial. You can test the full functionality of uMark during this period. After the expiry of the trial period, uMark will run in the Free mode with certain features disabled. You can continue using uMark Video Watermarker in free mode for as long as you wish. If you like to make use of the Pro features you upgrade to the Pro mode.

Here's a comparison of the Free and Pro modes.

  Free Pro
Batch size 1 video Unlimited videos
Maximum length of videos to watermark 15 minutes No limit
Text watermark
Image watermark
Save watermarks  
Convert video format  
Set custom audio/video bitrate  
Remove audio  
Change video resolution  
Limit output video size  
Price Free $29
Buy Now

Whether you are using the Free or the Pro mode, uMark never adds its own watermark other than the watermarks you add.