Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a watermark software when there is Photoshop?
Adobe Photoshop is a great tool and adding watermarks with Photoshop is very simple - just add a layer and write a bunch of text or add another image, apply a bunch of effects if you like, save the image for web and you are good to go.

Now repeat this process for every single photo you want to watermark! If you have a bunch of photos to watermark or want to apply the same kind of watermark every time, Photoshop will not fit the bill. Also take a look at the price of Photoshop, you surely don't want to spend $699 to watermark photos!

Photoshop is a general purpose tool, designed to work with a single photo at a time. uMark is has one purpose - watermark photos, a lot of photos at a time and it it quite efficient at it. With a saved watermark you can be done watermarking tons of images by the time Photoshop loads!
What happened to uMark Lite?
uMark Lite has been merged with uMark. uMark now has two modes - Free and Pro. The Free mode is free forever and yet has more features than the erstwhile Lite version.
I have purchased uMark Professional but I still haven't received my license key.
There is no need of any license key. You can download latest version of uMark and register it with your email id. Also check your spam folder for confirmation of the purchase.
Can I use my license on more than one computer?
uMark is licensed for each computer you install it on. We offer 3 types of licenses
Personal License – you can install uMark on a single computer
Professional License – you can install uMark on up to 3 computers
Team License – you can install uMark on up to 10 computers
How many users can use the program?
uMark is licensed per computer it is installed on. There are no restrictions on how many users are using uMark.
How do I verify my license?
You can verify the license information by going to Help > About uMark menu option in uMark program window.
How do I know how many licenses I need?
You need one license for one computer. If you are going to install the software on two different computers say your work computer and your laptop then you need two licenses. You can buy the Professional license in that case.
I have purchased uMark in the past can I get a discount on the latest version?
Yes of course! All existing users of older versions of uMark can upgrade to the latest version for half the price. Just use your email id that you had used to purchase uMark in the past as coupon code and get 50% upgrade discount.
My images are not getting marked! uMark said they were processed but the watermark is not added on the images.
There can be many reasons why images are not getting marked. Most common reason is that the output folder is same as the input folder that is you are trying to overwrite images. uMark does not overwrite images. Change the output folder and try again.
It is also possible that the watermark is going out of bounds of the image.
If you see green checkmark next to images but the watermark does not appear on the image then the watermark is going out of bounds of the image. That happens when you drag the watermark on a larger image to the right so on smaller images, it may go out of bounds because watermark is placed at a fixed position.
To fix this, you can use one of 9 predefined positions and further adjust the watermark using the padding values.
Do you provide a money back guarantee?
Yes we do. If you face any problems with uMark and if we are not able to solve it, you can have your money back within 30 days.
More questions?
Contact us if you have any more questions or if you want a custom packaged solution for your business.