Love taking Photographs? Share your photos online safely

It has become very convenient to capture the important moments in your life and share it with your friends and family with the invent of digital camera. You can create an online photo album and send the link to everybody you know. But it also exposes your photographs to identity thieves, and image grabbers. You can search on any search engine and can see numerous images that are basically meant only for friends and family members of the person owning them. The same can happen to your photographs! What's the risk? Imagine your wedding photograph being used by someone on their site in an appropriate manner, or your lovely kid's photo being modified and circulated in emails and newsletters for fun! Image editing software can do so many things with your personal snaps and people will use them for any purpose you can think of!

Look at the way this poor kid's photograph has been modified and circulated in emails as a joke-

What can you do to prevent such a situation? Mark them. Add your name on each photograph in such a way that it becomes useless for people to modify them.

Had the original photograph being marked like this then no crook would have been able to modify it. Look some more sample watermarks here.

"How?" you would ask, "Adding a line of text can protect my images from being used by others in an inappropriate way?" This is because people who want to use others' images want an image that can be easily modified, so a watermarked image is useless for them because no software can remove the watermark!

The trick here is to cover the entire image with some markings so that people can still view the images but they can not modify them using any image editing software. uMark lets you do just that! See the samples.

With uMark you can add copyright notice, your name, company name and any other text. uMark also lets you add multi-line text. You can add your company logo as well as tile it to cover entire image.

Adding a watermark with uMark is very easy. While developing the product we have taken special care to make sure that anybody with basic computer skills can work with it with ease. uMark can save your watermark settings so that you don't have to redo things every time. Biggest advantage of using uMark is that it saves the marked images in a new folder so that the original images remain unchanged. See some screenshots of the program here.

uMark can also create thumbnails of the images and can rename or convert images from one image type to another. uMark is fast, reliable, produces top quality images and above all costs peanuts! Download Now!

What's more, uMark is FREE forever. Certain advanced features are disabled after 15 days unless you choose to upgrade for $29. See the comparison of the Free and Pro modes of uMark and make your choice.

If you have ever captured an important moment of your life in digital format then uMark is something you must consider investing in!