I am an online seller. I sell through my own website or through auction and listing sites.

As an online seller you are aware of the value of a listing. There are hundreds of people out there selling digital cameras or ebooks or puppies, but what makes the difference is how you present it in front of the users. A killer listing brings in buyers in droves but is extremely time consuming to prepare. Preparing a good listing requires patience, careful planning and hard work. Now everyone can create a good listing of a product. An image of your offering is a must have part of a killer listing.

Do you know that copying entire listings along with the images and photographs is a favorite business of fraudsters People can easily copy your listings which took you entire day to compose and post it as their own and claim the sales which rightfully belonged to you! Discourage such robbers by marking your images with your name or email address. Let them advertise on your behalf. If they steal the image, they must display it with your name on top of it.

With uMark you can add copyright notice, your name, company name and any other text. uMark also lets you add multi line text. You can add your company logo as well as tile it to cover entire image. The watermark can not be removed with any software.

Adding a watermark with uMark is very easy. While developing the product we have taken special care to make sure that anybody with basic computer skills can work with it with ease. uMark can save your watermark settings so that you don't have to redo things every time. Biggest advantage of using uMark is that it saves the marked images in a new folder so that the original images remain unchanged. See the screenshots here.

uMark can also create thumbnails of the images and can rename or convert images from one image type to another. uMark is fast, reliable, produces top quality images and above all costs peanuts! Download Now!

What's more, uMark for Windows is FREE forever. Certain advanced features are disabled after 15 days unless you choose to upgrade for $29. See the comparison of the Free and Pro modes of uMark and make your choice.

If you want to make sure you get paid for your hard work then uMark is something you must possess.