Are you a professional photographer or sell stock photographs on the Internet?

If yes then this is something you must know...

Photography is what you do for living or may be just for fun, but you sure don't want people to steal your work. Internet is a great medium to put your work in front of the world but unfortunately it also makes it very easy for people to copy your work and use it. People are always looking for free photos to use in their designs and websites. It is very easy to search on Google or Yahoo and find your photographs.

Anybody who comes across some photographs that you might have published as a sample of your work can simply save them on their computer and use without your consent. How can you prevent them? You might think that you will display only low resolution photographs and users will pay for the high resolution copy. But that does not serve the purpose, because people don't mind low quality photographs if they are to use it on their website or in a maze of some design.

People who need high quality work and who are honest will definitely pay, and will give you credit for your hard work, but we are talking about people who simply want free lunch! How can you prevent such thieves?

Have a look at these images

First is the original image and next one is the same image marked with uMark. There is no difference in quality. People can still see your work and can still copy but it will serve no purpose because of the watermarks added with the help of uMark. See some more samples here.

With uMark you can add copyright notice, your name, company name and any other text. uMark also lets you add multi line text. You can add your company logo as well as tile it to cover entire image. The watermark can not be removed easily without spending hours painstakingly editing it.

Adding a watermark with uMark is very easy. While developing the product we have taken special care to make sure that anybody with basic computer skills can work with it with ease. uMark can save your watermark settings so that you don't have to redo things every time. Biggest advantage of using uMark is that it saves the marked images in a new folder so that the original images remain unchanged. See the screenshots here.

uMark can also create thumbnails of the images and can rename or convert images from one image type to another. uMark is fast, reliable, produces top quality images and above all costs peanuts! Download Now!

What's more, uMark for Windows is FREE forever. Certain advanced features are disabled after 15 days unless you choose to upgrade for $29. See the comparison of the Free and Pro modes of uMark and make your choice.

If you want to make sure you get credited for your hard work then uMark is something you must possess.