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How to add unobtrusive watermarks
Watermark is a double edged sword. It makes it difficult to use your photo without your consent but it also comes in the way of visual aspects of a photo. Too large of a watermark spoils a photo and too small of a watermark in a corner makes it useless. So what to do? How do you add a watermark that is unobtrusive yet effective deterrent to unauthorized use?

Here are two tricks and you can use them based on the type of photo.

Very large watermark

One way is to apply a very large watermark at the center of the image or over the main part of the photo and make it highly transparent - above 85%.

Very small tiled watermark

Another option is to apply a tiny watermark in tiled fashion so that it covers entire image. Leave enough gap between the tiles so they don't become overbearing and reduce transparency to about 60%.

The trick here is to control the transparency of the watermark. Apply a very faint watermark without shadow and either tile it or make it sufficiently large to cover most part of the photo and you can have a watermark that isn't an eyesore but at the same time removing it becomes difficult. The aim of the watermark should be that if someone tries to remove a watermark, it damages the image in such a way that it's not worth the effort.
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