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How to prevent people from copying your photos without your consent?
If your photo is our there on the Internet, anybody can copy it. And they can use it for any purpose without your permission or without paying you.

If your livelihood depends on your photos, or you don't want a stranger using your private photos, you must make sure people are not able to copy them.

How do you do that? How can you stop someone from downloading your photos from the Internet?

There are a few ways - the most common one is disabling the right click on the photo with the use of JavaScript. If one cannot right click on the image, he cannot save it right? Wrong! There are ways in which an image can be saved even without right clicking - you can just drag the image onto a new browser tab, or you can just take a screen shot of the screen with the Print Screen key on your keyboard, and if nothing works someone may just try to scan the screen as in the picture below!
People will do anything to copy your photo!

So what to do? You cannot really prevent people from copying the photos. The only way is to add a watermark on the photo.

What is a watermark? And how does it prevent illegal copying of the photo? A watermark is a text or an image - like your logo - that you add on your photo in a way that people can see the image but they cannot use it for any practical purpose with the watermark.

A watermark does not stop people copying the photos - that is impossible - but it makes the photo useless for any purpose except viewing.

If someone is trying to find a photo online for some purpose, a watermarked photo is of no use to him. So a thief would rather copy an un-watermarked image than a watermarked one.

Then, how do you add watermark to a photo?

With uMark - the batch photo watermarking software for Windows and Mac.

uMark can add different types of watermarks on hundreds of photos within minutes. It can add text, image, geometrical shapes and QR codes as watermarks. You can even tile the watermarks to cover entire photo for maximum protection - so people can't even crop your photo and use a part of it!
Unmarked photo - easy to copy and use
Watermarked photo - easy to copy but impossible to use

Download uMark now and see it for yourself.
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