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Add capture date as watermark on photos
How to add the date on which the photo was taken as watermark on the photo? We'll show you.

uMark supports adding EXIF data watermark. EXIF data stores a lot of information about the photo including the date and time of capture, camera make and model and various capture settings like ISO, shutter speed, focal length etc.

First select, the photos you want to watermark and then click on the Add Watermark button and select Text Watermark.

Under the watermark macros section, scroll to the EXIF Property – DateTimeOriginal value. You will see the EXIF values only if they are present in the selected photo.

Click on Insert Selected Macro button and it will show you a window to select the format of the date.

You can use various date part values to insert the date and time in the format you like.

Click on Insert Macro button and you will see the macro being inserted as a watermark. You can see the date on which photo was taken as watermark in preview.

Proceed to save the watermarks by clicking on Save Images button and save the images in an output folder of your choice.
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