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Introducing uMark Video Watermarker
uMark - the number one batch photo watermarking application was launched back in 2005. Today we are taking the uMark legacy forward with the launch of uMark Video Watermarker - a batch watermarking software for videos.

As more and more people create videos and share them online it has become imperative to add your watermark nd branding on the videos. With uMark Video Watermarker you can add text or image watermarks to multiple videos in one go. As with uMark for photos, you can save your watermarks for repeat use and customize the appearance of the watermark.

uMark Video Watermarker is available as a free download and has a Free and Pro mode. In the Free mode you can use it to watermark one video at a time. The Pro mode gives additional pro features for a price of $29. Either the free or the pro mode does not add any other unwanted watermark unlike some of the other products.

Other than watermarking uMark Video Watermarker can also be used for converting videos from one format to another, resize or compress videos to a specific size.

uMark Video Watermarker is available for computers running Microsoft Windows 8 and later versions.

Download uMark Video Watermarker and start watermarking your videos today.
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