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How to watermark an entire folder of photos
uMark Batch Photo Watermarker helps you add your watermark to a folder full of pictures. Use the Add Folder button and select a folder. If there are any sub folders within that folder, you can also include the photos within those folders by selecting the Include Sub Directories option.

You can select the types of photos you want to include. By default, all common picture types are selected that is JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and HEIC. Click on Add and all the photos in the selected folder will be added to the list of photos to be watermarked.

Next, you can add the desired watermark like a text watermark or a logo watermark and proceed to save the watermarked photos. Select an output location – the folder where the watermarked images will be saved. If you had selected photos from various sub folders while adding them and you want that folder structure to be maintained while saving the images, you can select the Main directory structure option. Selecting that option will recreate the same original directory structure and save each watermarked image in a folder as in the original.

Your original unwatermarked photos will remain in their original locations, new watermarked copies will be saved in the output folder you selected.
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