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uMark 6.4 for Windows Released
We have just released a new version of uMark for Windows. It has some performance enhancements a new feature in renaming macros.

Start renaming from a specific number

Now, while renaming images from uMark, you can choose to start the renaming from a specific number while using the number macro. Earlier, the renaming would always start from zero whenever you processed a batch. But with this update you can tell uMark to start naming the files from any number. So if you wanted the images to be named Photo101, Photo102, Photo103.. etc then you can specify Photo[#101] as rename format. If you do not specify any number after #, then the files will be named Photo1, Photo2, Photo3... if you specify #43 then files will be named starting with number 43 and will continue with 44, 45, 46.. etc.
When you select any of the numbering macros, you will see a prompt which will ask you the number you want to start the naming from
Apart from this, there is a new improvement like uMark now remembers the window size and position the last time you opened it and will open in same size and window position when you open it next time.
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