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uMark 6.3 for Windows
An updated version of uMark Photo Watermarker for Windows has been released. It includes lots of exciting new features.

Bundled fonts

uMark now includes 120+ handpicked fonts that users can use for their watermarks. There are handwriting fonts, signature fonts, calligraphic fonts and more. You can now add beautiful and stylish watermarks to your photos with uMark's bundled fonts.

Status of include sub directories in Add Folder

uMark now remembers the checked status of the include sub directories option in the Add Folder dialog. So, you won't have to always check it while adding all images from a folder. One less step to perform in your watermarking workflow.

Remove checked, unchecked and processed images

There are now 3 new options under remove images menu –
Remove checked images – this removes all the check marked images from the list
Remove unchecked images – this removes all the non check marked images from the list
Remove processed images – after watermarking, you can use this option to remove the watermarked (processed) images from the list

These new options will greatly simply your watermarking workflow.

Relative placement of watermark

uMark now includes a new option for position of text and image watermark. You can choose to place a watermark relative to photo size. This option comes in handy when you drag a watermark to put it where you want. Earlier versions of uMark would put the watermark at custom position when you dragged a watermark. That would put the watermark at fixed X and Y points and it would be out of place on images of different size.

With Relative to photo size option selected, uMark will calculate the X and Y points of a watermark relative to the size of the photo and will put them accordingly.

Following table explains the effect of this option

 Photo SizeWatermark Custom Position
Photo 13000 x 2000Left: 100, Top: 50
Photo 2 (Without relative to the size)800 x 600Left: 100, Top: 50
Photo 2 (With relative to the size)800 x 600Left: 27, Top: 15
Photo 3 (Without relative to the size)1200 x 1600Left: 100, Top: 50
Photo 3 (With relative to the size)1200 x 1600Left: 40, Top: 40

For 9 predefined positions, the padding values are calculated as per the photo size. Left and right padding values are calculated based on the width of the photo and top and bottom padding is calculated as per the height of the photo.

Without getting into the math of it, you can rest assured that now when you drag your watermark, it will appear at same position on all your photos regardless of their size.

You the existing users of uMark 6 can upgrade to uMark 6.3 for free. Users of the older version of uMark can upgrade to the latest version for half the price. You can use your email id as coupon code to get 50% off while upgrading.

Upgrade to uMark 6.3 for Windows now.

Download uMark 6.3 for Windows.

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