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Adding numbers in series as watermark with uMark
One of the new features in uMark 4 is the ability to add auto numbers in watermarks. Let's see how it works.

Let's say you have photos of the samples of your creation - clothes, furniture or other products that you may be selling and you want to give them a unique number and send the photos to prospective clients so they can order the designs they like. You can use uMark's auto number macros for this.

Add your photos and add a text watermark. Then double click on the Auto Number option in the list of watermark macros. A new window will open up where you can specify the numbering format. You can choose the number of digits you want for example if you want the numbers to look like 001, 002, 003... then you can select 3 as number of digits and it will appear as a macro <<AUTO:##1>> Each # represents a digit and you can manually add as many # as you want. If you put a single # it does not mean you can only number from 1 to 9. It just means that single digit numbers will not have a leading 0. So 1 will be 1 and not 01. A macro <<AUTO:#1>> will start with 01.

The second thing you can set is the starting number. By default numbering will start from 1 but if you want it to start from some other number then you can specify that number. For instance if you want the numbering to start from 31 then the macro will be <<AUTO:31>> and if you want it to be of 4 digits then the macro will be <<AUTO:##31>>. You can set both these options in the auto number window and it will generate the necessary macro for you.

After you have added the auto number macro and set other necessary properties like font, size, color, position etc you can proceed to watermark the photos by clicking on the Save Images button. Once the images are saved you can see that they all have numbers in the series starting from the number you had defined and having as many digits as you had specified. You can also check this before saving the images by checking the preview.

uMark also remembers the last number it had generated. So next time you want to add numbers to other images you have option of continuing from the last number. Say 25 images were watermarked the last time round, and you are processing more images now, if you click on the Continue from Last Number option, you will see the new numbers to be starting from where it left that is 26. This was you don't have to worry about which number was the last one and just continuing with your watermarking.

Here's a video of the auto number functionality.

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