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How to batch watermark photos?
Often we get this question asking whether uMark can watermark a batch of images. uMark is a batch photo watermark software for Windows and Mac and it's purpose is to let you add watermarks to multiple photos in one go. And yet we get this question from prospective users. It's possible that people come to know about uMark from some other site or from a friend or colleague and they might not know much about uMark. So yes, uMark can add watermark on all your photos at once. You can apply different types of watermarks - like a text watermark, image watermark, automatic numbers, QR code, shapes and starting with uMark 5 you can even apply filters to your photos - all in a batch.

So how do you batch watermark photos with uMark? It's very simple. Watermarking with uMark is a 3 step process.

First you select all the photos you want to watermark, you can either add individual images or you can add an entire folder. If you are adding a folder you can also choose whether images from child folders should be included. You can also specify only select types of images to be included say for example you only want the JPEGs to be included from the folders then you can do so. One click and all your images will be ready to be watermarked. They will all be watermarked at once with the watermark you create in the second step.

Now that you are done selecting the images to watermark, it's time to create an actual watermark. You can create many different types of watermarks and there are plenty of options to customize the watermarks. You can tile the watermarks for better protection so that the watermark covers entire image and no one can use even a part of your image by cropping out the watermark. You can apply various effects to images like borders and shadows and even apply filters. Whatever watermark you create you can see an instant preview on the images you have selected so you get an idea how the watermark will look. You can move the watermark around, change it's size, color, even apply effects to the watermark itself. What's more once you have created your perfect watermark you can save it for later use so next time when you want to watermark another batch of images you don't have to create the watermark from scratch, just add a saved watermark and you are good to go in seconds.

And the final step is to actually begin the watermarking process on the photos you selected in the first step. Till this point the watermarks have not been applied on the images. You can click on the Save photos button and you will get more options about where to save the watermarked photos and what to do with those photos. uMark never overwrites your original image files because a watermark once added becomes part of the image so uMark always creates a copy. You have to select a folder where the watermarked photos will be stored. uMark will maintain the directory structure of the photos you have selected in case you have added an entire folder and all it's sub folders. You can also tell uMark to rename the files while saving them or resize the photos or save them in a different type. So you can even use uMark for batch rename, batch resize and batch conversion of photos.

After you are done selecting options for saving the watermarked photos all you need to do is hit the Start button and uMark will batch process your photos and save them for you.
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