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Watermarking Real Estate Photos and Videos
If you are a real estate agent, broker or a real estate investor, you need to be aware of the fact that your real estate photos can easily be copied and stolen by rivals and scammers.

Selling a property takes efforts and professionally taken photos and videos are an important tool in the selling process. Realtors invest a lot of time and money in taking great pictures of their property listings and once online, anyone can simply right click on the photos and save them and use them for any purpose.

Prevent the theft and unauthorised use of your property photos with a watermark. Watermark on real estate photos servers a dual purpose, it not only stamps your authority and copyright over the photos of the listing, but it also works as an advertise of your real estate business to potential buyers and customers.

You can go one step forward and use watermark as information tool. You can add the important details about the property right on the photo in the form of a watermark. You can add information like the asking price, your contact details, your business logo, important details about the property as watermark.

You can also watermark the videos of the property with similar information. Walk-though videos of the property can be enhanced with a watermark like your logo and contact details.

Adding watermarks to your real estate photos is easy with uMark. uMark is a batch photo watermark software for Windows and Mac. With uMark you can create your watermark and add it to hundreds of property pictures in minutes.

uMark Video Watermarker is a tool that lets you add watermark on your videos. You can add your name, company logo and any other information as a watermark on multiple videos at once with uMark.

Download uMark for Photo and Video now and get started with watermarking your real estate photos and videos.

Photo Credits: Tierra Mallorca, Francesca Tosolini, Jacques Bopp
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