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Have fun with single character pattern watermarks
Creating various patters by tiling a single character can produce some interesting watermarks.

Start off by adding a text watermark and put a single character like a -,~,|,* etc as watermark text. Remove the shadow, and select horizontal and vertical tiling options and see the result. For added effect rotate the watermark. Here are some samples -

Dot . size 18 fixed, rotated 315 degrees, transparency 50%
Hyphen - size 18 fixed, rotated 315 degrees, transparency 70%
Pipe or Vertical bar | size 18 fixed, rotated 45 degrees, transparency 70%, horizontal spacing 10, vertical spacing 10
Tilde ~ size 10 fixed, transparency 80%
Right angle bracket > size 20 fixed, transparency 80%, vertical spacing 10

Experiment with different characters and settings and create new patterns. Send us if you think you have created an amazing pattern. We will share it on our site and our Facebook page.
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