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How is uMark better than Lightroom for watermarking your photos?
Adobe Lightroom is an amazing software. Anyone who is serious about their photography must use Lightroom. It has tons of features and watermarking is one of them. So what advantages does uMark have over Lightroom when it comes to watermarking?

Lightroom allows you to watermark your photos while you are exporting them. The option is right at the bottom just above post processing. When you select the watermark option and click on the drop down box you will see an option to edit your pre configured watermarks. Lightroom allows you to create and save any number of watermarks.

There are two types of watermarks in Lightroom - text and graphic. For the text watermark you can set the watermark text, font, color, shadow, opacity and position. And you can also rotate the text in four positions - and that's about it. Similarly for graphic watermark you can control the opacity, position and can rotate in four positions. Can Lightroom tile a watermark so it covers entire photo? No. Can it insert auto numbers of EXIF metadata in the photos as watermark? No. Can you insert QR codes or shapes as watermarks? No. All of which uMark can do.

Following table compares watermarking capabilities of uMark and Lightroom.

  uMark Lightroom
Text Watermark
Set text watermark font, color, shadow
Image watermark
Make a color transparent in image watermark
Live preview of watermark
Watermark transparency
Rotate watermark Any position Four positions
Watermark placement 9 predefined + fully customizable 9 predefined
QR code watermark
Shape watermark
Drag watermark around to place where you want
Tiled watermarks
EXIF data in watermark
Auto numbers in watermark
Save watermark settings

We have only compared the watermarking aspect of uMark and Lightroom. Other things like ability of renaming, resizing and converting photos are present in both beside it's Lightroom so nobody can really match that. However as far as watermarking is concerned, uMark has clear advantage over Lightroom for watermarking your photos. It has more types of watermarks and it makes it really easy for anyone to watermark their photos. Lightroom is a very sophisticated piece of software. It also costs $149 one time or $10 per month while uMark costs $29 one time. However it will not be fair to compare the prices of the two software. uMark is meant to do just one thing very well and that is watermarking your photos, while Lightroom is a complete photography lifecycle management software that does much much more than just watermarking. Lightroom also has a significant learning curve.

Think of this - when you travel by a plane they serve you coffee during the flight. The coffee is nice but they just have one kind of coffee. You will get better coffee and more variety at a cafe that specializes in serving coffee. You won't travel in a plane just to have a cup of coffee. Lightroom is like the airplane that happens to serve coffee while you fly while uMark is the cafe that specializes in serving coffee.

Ease of use in watermarking photos is the main feature of uMark. You don't have to be tech savvy or spend a month trying to learn how to use uMark. It lets anyone watermark a bunch of photos in minutes with a few clicks. If quickly watermarking your photos is what you are looking for - uMark is all you need. Even if you are a Lightroom user you can take advantage of uMark's advanced capabilities in watermarking instead of using limited watermarking feature of Lightroom.
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