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Using uMark to watermark photos for eBay listings
eBay recommends watermarking your photos however they have certain restrictions on the watermarks.
  • Watermark can not be larger than 5% of the image area
  • Watermark opacity has to be 50% or less
  • Watermark should be placed outside of main image visual
  • Watermark can only contain your eBay user id and copyright symbol (©)
  • Watermark can not contain link or any other text
View a complete list of eBay's watermark guidelines here.

Luckily uMark allows you to create a watermark that fits very well within eBay's guidelines.

When you add a text watermark on an image, select proportional size and set it to 5%. By default the watermark is 50% transparent so that fits with eBay's guidelines. Select the preset position of bottom center, enter the © symbol and your eBay user id.

Save this watermark so next time you can just select the watermark and ad it to new photos saving you the trouble of creating it every time from scratch.

If you are selling on more than one site then you can create and save several watermarks specific for the site and apply them quickly.
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