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Tips and tricks about adding watermarks to photos and how to use uMark
Why use a watermark software when there is Photoshop?
Adobe Photoshop® is great. It’s the ultimate tool when it comes to serious photo work. And there are other tools as well both free and paid - Paint Shop, Paint.Net, Gimp to name a few. Adding a piece of text on a photo is not really a big deal, just add a layer, put some text, drag it around and put it wherever you like, adjust colors, fonts, transparency and save the photo and you are done! Great! Now repeat the process for all the other photos that you want to watermark! Keep doing it all day.

Or use uMark.

uMark makes the task of adding a watermark super quick by letting you add watermarks to hundreds of photos in one go. It lets you add various kinds of watermarks without you having to learn a lot of techniques. Software like Photoshop are very sophisticated tools and learning them takes a great amount of time. With uMark you just play with a bunch of options and you see the results in the preview and when you are done, your photos are watermarked with the click of a button.

What’s more you can save your watermark settings and use them again and again without having to start from scratch every time.

You should use a watermark software because it saves time, requires no technical expertise and makes the process of watermarking a snap.
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