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Tips and tricks about adding watermarks to photos and how to use uMark
Types of photo watermarks
A photo can have visible as well as invisible watermarks.

An invisible watermark is embedded in the photo’s binary data. It can be in the form of an EXIF property or other form of data embedded in the photo. Such a watermark is not visible on the image but can be seen with specialized software. This mark since it is not visible doesn’t proclaim the ownership or the photo and does not discourage people from stealing it or using it without the consent of the owner. The primary motive of an invisible watermark is not to prevent the theft but to catch the thief and prove the ownership of the image in case of a dispute. However it is very easy to remove such a watermark. Opening the image in any image editor and simply saving it as a copy may remove the invisible watermark. We at Uconomix believe prevention is better than the cure so we advise adding visible watermarks to photos.
Photo with a visible watermark

Visible watermarks as the name suggest show up on the photo. It makes it very clear to the viewer who owns the image and makes it difficult to use the photo without proper consent and permission of the owner of the photo. uMark does just that – it allows you to add visible watermarks on your photos in the form of text and images.
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