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Tips and tricks about adding watermarks to photos and how to use uMark
Who needs a watermark software?
If your business depends on photos, you need a watermark software. If you are a professional photographer, you definitely need to watermark your photos to prevent photo theft. If you are not a professional photographer but take photos of items you sell online or offline then the photos are precious to your business and claiming the ownership of the pictures is absolutely essential in the world where people buy an item based on the photo.

If you sell pets like puppies and kittens online, you know how important it is to identify the breeder. People decide which puppy to get based on the photo they see online and it's absolutely critical that you add your name on the photos of your animals before you put them online.

Similarly if you are an eBay seller or sell on other online marketplaces, you know how important and time consuming it is to create a good item description and photos play a major role in that. It is not uncommon for competitors to copy the entire listings complete with photos that you spent hours to put together only to see someone steal it and walk away with your customers with your own photos! Even eBay recommends adding a watermark on your pictures. eBay has limited built in watermarking feature but not for all listing types and certainly not for self-hosted pictures. You can add your eBay user id as a watermark on your listing pictures with uMark.

Watermarks are not just for preventing theft or unauthorized use of the photos. Watermark is also useful in providing more information about the photo right on the photo itself. Take one of our customers who are a manufacturer of ethnic Indian Men’s clothing. They use uMark to put design numbers on the photos in their design portfolio which they send over to prospective clients and clients order based on the design information they see on the photos.

So if you sell photos or something else with the help of photos then you need to put your name on them before you put them out there for the world.
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