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Understand about image Copyrights from the experts [Video]
Gary Martin, director of RGG EDU YouTube channel conducted an interview with Copyright expert Joe Naylor from Image Rights and photographers Rob Grimm and Peter Coulson where they discuss today's copyright climate and what photographers can do to protect themselves against unauthorized use of their images.

It's an hour long interview but worth watching for every photographer.

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Introducing PhotoKeeper - cloud photo backup service for photographers
We are happy to announce the launch of our new product PhotoKeeper. PhotoKeeper is a cloud based photo backup and management service for photographers.

What does it do?

PhotoKeeper takes backup of all your photos from your computer, mobile phone and tablet to our secure cloud. You can access your entire photo collection anytime from anywhere using a web browser.

Why cloud photo backup?

Backup is important. Your computer hard drive may crash, computer can be lost or stolen. You are always at risk of losing your lifetime of memories and professional work. Taking backups on external hard drives isn't much better either, because you have to do it manually and they too can fail. Solution is cloud based photo backup where your files are safe and secure and the backup is completely automated.

What are the benefits of using PhotoKeeper?

PhotoKeeper takes automated backup of your photos so you don’t have to worry about ever losing them. The backup is private and secure. Only you will be able to view your photos.

PhotoKeeper is built specifically for taking backup of photos, it will back up all types of photos including RAW files. So you can delete those huge files from your computer to free up space. You can always get them back from PhotoKeeper whenever you need them.

PhotoKeeper neatly organizes your photos so you can find them by date, by EXIF data, file or folder name and more. Say you want to see all your photos taken with your Canon 5D Mk III and 70-200mm lens at ISO 100 and the aperture of f/2.8 where flash did not fire and which you have rated 3 stars and above – you can do that!

Once your photos are in the cloud you can share them on various social networks like Twitter, 500px Flickr with a single click without having to upload them manually on each site.

If you are a professional photographer, PhotoKeeper will make sharing photos with your clients and soliciting feedback effortless and efficient. You can create private albums for your clients and invite them to view the proofs saving you the need to send photos through emails or pen drives. Clients can comment on photos or annotate their notes resulting in efficient communication.

How much does it cost?

Signing up is free and you get a one month free trial of the service. After that the plans start from $3.99/month where you get 200 GB of storage space.

OK sounds great, where do I find it?

Read more about PhotoKeeper at

Download PhotoKeeper from

PhotoKeeper is available for Windows, Mac and Android. PhotoKeeper for iPhone/iOS is coming in a few days.

Watch the introductory video of PhotoKeeper

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Watermark or not to watermark
Watermark is a double edged sword. On one hand it asserts your copyright on a photo but on the other hand it comes in the way of the aesthetics and takes away the visual charm of the image. But it in a world where your photos are available for anyone to download for free with a simple Google search - watermarking is a necessary evil. If you are going to put a photo out there on your site, blog or social network profile you better add a watermark! So what kind of watermark should you put? A big one? A small one? At the center of the image or in one of the corners? Should it just be your name or your logo or something fancy? There are different styles of watermarks each have a different purpose.

Watermark for protection

When you want to make sure no one uses your photo or a part of it without your consent you should put a big semi-transparent watermark right at the center or cover entire photo with tiny little faint objects so no one can crop out the watermarked part. Almost all stock photo sites do this to prevent people from using photos without paying.

Watermark for marketing

Watermark is a great way to let people know who took the photo. You can put your name, a stylish logo or a link to your website or your online photo gallery. Put it in a corner and your photo becomes a great marketing tool! In fact you can even put a QR code as watermark that people can scan with their phones and get to your site instantly or even call you. Now that's a watermark that invokes curiosity and any prospective clients seeing your photo will be able to get in touch with you instantly.

Watermark for branding

When you see a photo with a black border at the bottom and yellow text you instantly know it's from National Geographic. It's their distinct style. They don't add a watermark on the photo they put it around it. Look at the watermark of Getty, the watermark serves a dual purpose, it prevents anyone from using the photo and also gives information about the photographer and a link to buy it online.

Watermark for information

Watermarking is basically some text written over the image, so you can use it to give more information about the photo itself. You can write the photo title, describe how it was taken and also add the technical details like the camera settings as a watermark right on the photo.

What type of watermark should you add?

That depends on your purpose and also where are you sharing your images. If you are putting your photos online and you want maximum theft protection then you should add a large watermark at the center or cover the entire photo with a tiled watermark. If you are giving proofs to a client from a shoot then adding a small one in the corner will suffice. If you are sharing the photos on your social network profile or photography page then add a QR code as watermark. If you are sharing your pics so that people can take inspiration and improve their photography then adding a little technical info as a watermark will help the cause.

How to add a watermark?

Adding a watermark on a photo is simple. It is essentially a line of text or an image overlaid on the photo and you can do it in Photoshop or any image editing software even the good old MS Paint. Lightroom of course can also add basic watermark but if you want to apply a little more complex watermark or want to quickly watermark a batch of photos with your regular watermark then you need a specialized watermark software like uMark.

uMark makes it easy for anyone to watermark a batch of photos within minutes and you can create many different types of watermarks even the likes of the ones used by Getty or a tiled watermark that covers the entire photo. You can then save the watermark as a template so when you watermark your next batch of photos, you don't have to start all over again.

Nobody likes watermarks but they are necessary. People want free photos and as a photographer if you do not want someone to use your photos without paying you your dues then you have to watermark your photos.
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How is uMark better than Lightroom for watermarking your photos?
Adobe Lightroom is an amazing software. Anyone who is serious about their photography must use Lightroom. It has tons of features and watermarking is one of them. So what advantages does uMark have over Lightroom when it comes to watermarking?

Lightroom allows you to watermark your photos while you are exporting them. The option is right at the bottom just above post processing. When you select the watermark option and click on the drop down box you will see an option to edit your pre configured watermarks. Lightroom allows you to create and save any number of watermarks.

There are two types of watermarks in Lightroom - text and graphic. For the text watermark you can set the watermark text, font, color, shadow, opacity and position. And you can also rotate the text in four positions - and that's about it. Similarly for graphic watermark you can control the opacity, position and can rotate in four positions. Can Lightroom tile a watermark so it covers entire photo? No. Can it insert auto numbers of EXIF metadata in the photos as watermark? No. Can you insert QR codes or shapes as watermarks? No. All of which uMark can do.

Following table compares watermarking capabilities of uMark and Lightroom.

  uMark Lightroom
Text Watermark
Set text watermark font, color, shadow
Image watermark
Make a color transparent in image watermark
Live preview of watermark
Watermark transparency
Rotate watermark Any position Four positions
Watermark placement 9 predefined + fully customizable 9 predefined
QR code watermark
Shape watermark
Drag watermark around to place where you want
Tiled watermarks
EXIF data in watermark
Auto numbers in watermark
Save watermark settings

We have only compared the watermarking aspect of uMark and Lightroom. Other things like ability of renaming, resizing and converting photos are present in both beside it's Lightroom so nobody can really match that. However as far as watermarking is concerned, uMark has clear advantage over Lightroom for watermarking your photos. It has more types of watermarks and it makes it really easy for anyone to watermark their photos. Lightroom is a very sophisticated piece of software. It also costs $149 one time or $10 per month while uMark costs $29 one time. However it will not be fair to compare the prices of the two software. uMark is meant to do just one thing very well and that is watermarking your photos, while Lightroom is a complete photography lifecycle management software that does much much more than just watermarking. Lightroom also has a significant learning curve.

Think of this - when you travel by a plane they serve you coffee during the flight. The coffee is nice but they just have one kind of coffee. You will get better coffee and more variety at a cafe that specializes in serving coffee. You won't travel in a plane just to have a cup of coffee. Lightroom is like the airplane that happens to serve coffee while you fly while uMark is the cafe that specializes in serving coffee.

Ease of use in watermarking photos is the main feature of uMark. You don't have to be tech savvy or spend a month trying to learn how to use uMark. It lets anyone watermark a bunch of photos in minutes with a few clicks. If quickly watermarking your photos is what you are looking for - uMark is all you need. Even if you are a Lightroom user you can take advantage of uMark's advanced capabilities in watermarking instead of using limited watermarking feature of Lightroom.
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uMark 5.3 for Windows
A new version of uMark for Windows is here with new features and bug fixes.

uMark now works well with low resolution devices
More and more users are using uMark on low resolution devices like netbooks and tablets and the fixed size of uMark's text watermark options window was causing a problem as users were not able to see the bottom of the window and hence were not able to set some of the options. That has now been fixed. Users on low resolution devices will now be able to scroll to the bottom of the text watermark options window.

Adjustable increments in auto numbers
We have added an ability to specify the increment value for auto numbers. Previously you could only number the images by the increment of 1 but now you can specify the increment count. So if you want your images to be numbered 10,20,30... then you can specify the increment value to be 10. Or if you want the numbers to be 5,10,15,20... then you can specify the increment value to be 5. Auto numbers are a great way to number your photos.

Quick tip - uMark can remember the last auto number it gave so the next time you watermark more photos you can continue from the same number.

Selective processing
We have added the ability to process selective images from all the images you have added in uMark. Earlier you had to watermark all photos at once, if you wanted to watermark certain photos differently then you had to do it in a different batch. Now you can do it all in single batch with selective watermarking. You can check the photos you want to watermark and uMark will only watermark those photos. And once you are done with processing them you can use the toggle check option and uMark will flip the checkmarks on all photos, checked photos will be unchecked and unchecked photos will be checked.

Other than these new features we have also fixed some bugs, so it should make using uMark easier than before.

All the existing users of uMark 5 can upgrade to 5.3 for free. Just download uMark 5.3 and start using.
Users who have uMark 4 can upgrade for free as well. Download uMark 5.3 and get the new free key from here.
Other users can upgrade to 5.3 for half the price from here.
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uMark 5 for Mac released
We have released uMark 5 for Mac with some exciting new features. Here's what's been added -


Now you can enhance the look of your photos with a single click and that too in a batch mode. There are 12 filters to choose from and you can apply them from the Add watermark menu. Click on Add watermark, Filter and select a filter and uMark will apply that filter to all the selected photos.


Give your watermarks a pleasing look with embossed text. Embossed text unlike normal text blends in really nicely with the underlying image. Select the emboss option from the Effects drop down and make your watermark truly professional.

Image watermark enhancements

There are two new things that you can do with image watermarks. You can make any color of the image transparent. So if your logo has a white or other color background you can choose to make that color transparent and uMark will remove that part from your image.

You can also make your logo grayscale by selecting the grayscale option. It will convert a color image to a black and white image.

Selective processing

You can now process only some of the images from the images you have added in uMark. You can do so by checking the checkbox next to each image. By default the checkbox is selected, you can unselect it and uMark will not process those images in that batch. This can come in handy if you want to apply different watermarks to different images in a single batch.

Resize based on longer side

A new resize option has been added to the output options. You can not choose to resize the images based on the longer side. So if you select the longer size option and set the value to say 1000 pixels then uMark will check whether the image is portrait or landscape and set the longer side to 1000 pixels and calculate the other side based on the aspect ratio of the photo. So for portrait photo the height will be set to 1000px and for landscape photos it will be the width.

Import/Export settings

You can now import and export watermark settings from uMark. If you are getting a new computer then you can export watermark settings on your old computer and when you install uMark on your new computer you can import them. This way you won't lose your created settings and you won't have to create them all over again. If you are using uMark on both Windows and Mac then you can move the settings between them using the export/import option.

All the existing users of uMark for Mac can upgrade to the latest version for free. Any existing customers of uMark for Windows can get uMark for Mac at half the price. Windows users can use their email id that they had used to purchase uMark in the coupon code field to get 50% discount on uMark for Mac.

Download uMark 5 for Mac
Download uMark
For Windows and Mac. Available in 8 languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.
uMark 5.2 for Windows
We have released a minor upgrade to uMark for Windows. The highlight of this version is a new resize option - ability to resize based on the longer side of the photo.

You can now bulk resize images with uMark by specifying the size of the longer side and the other side will be calculated automatically. So for portrait photos the height will be set to what you specify and for the landscape photos it will be the width.

For instance if you want to resize all your photos to 1200 x 900 but want photos with portrait orientation to have height as 1200 and for landscape to have width as 1200 then you can do so using this new feature of uMark. You can set the longest size option to 1200 and uMark will calculate the other side based on the photo's aspect ratio. Something which was not possible earlier.

If you have uMark 5 then you can just download the new version. If you have uMark 4 then you can upgrade for free. Other existing customers can upgrade for half the price.
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How to batch watermark photos?
Often we get this question asking whether uMark can watermark a batch of images. uMark is a batch photo watermark software for Windows and Mac and it's purpose is to let you add watermarks to multiple photos in one go. And yet we get this question from prospective users. It's possible that people come to know about uMark from some other site or from a friend or colleague and they might not know much about uMark. So yes, uMark can add watermark on all your photos at once. You can apply different types of watermarks - like a text watermark, image watermark, automatic numbers, QR code, shapes and starting with uMark 5 you can even apply filters to your photos - all in a batch.

So how do you batch watermark photos with uMark? It's very simple. Watermarking with uMark is a 3 step process.

First you select all the photos you want to watermark, you can either add individual images or you can add an entire folder. If you are adding a folder you can also choose whether images from child folders should be included. You can also specify only select types of images to be included say for example you only want the JPEGs to be included from the folders then you can do so. One click and all your images will be ready to be watermarked. They will all be watermarked at once with the watermark you create in the second step.

Now that you are done selecting the images to watermark, it's time to create an actual watermark. You can create many different types of watermarks and there are plenty of options to customize the watermarks. You can tile the watermarks for better protection so that the watermark covers entire image and no one can use even a part of your image by cropping out the watermark. You can apply various effects to images like borders and shadows and even apply filters. Whatever watermark you create you can see an instant preview on the images you have selected so you get an idea how the watermark will look. You can move the watermark around, change it's size, color, even apply effects to the watermark itself. What's more once you have created your perfect watermark you can save it for later use so next time when you want to watermark another batch of images you don't have to create the watermark from scratch, just add a saved watermark and you are good to go in seconds.

And the final step is to actually begin the watermarking process on the photos you selected in the first step. Till this point the watermarks have not been applied on the images. You can click on the Save photos button and you will get more options about where to save the watermarked photos and what to do with those photos. uMark never overwrites your original image files because a watermark once added becomes part of the image so uMark always creates a copy. You have to select a folder where the watermarked photos will be stored. uMark will maintain the directory structure of the photos you have selected in case you have added an entire folder and all it's sub folders. You can also tell uMark to rename the files while saving them or resize the photos or save them in a different type. So you can even use uMark for batch rename, batch resize and batch conversion of photos.

After you are done selecting options for saving the watermarked photos all you need to do is hit the Start button and uMark will batch process your photos and save them for you.
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uMark 5 for Windows is here!
We are happy to announce the release of the next major version of uMark for Windows - uMark 5.

What's new in uMark 5?


The most exciting new feature of uMark 5 is the filters. You can now apply one of the 12 filters to your photos hat will give them a refreshingly new look, with just a click. So if you loved all those apps on your phone where you could apply great effects to your photos and share them with your friends one at a time, here's the same effects on your computer where you can apply them on a batch of photos with a single click.

Text watermark effects

Other than changing the color and shadow of the text you can now apply additional effects like outline, 3D text and emboss.

You can select the outline effect and it will give a border to your text. You can choose the thickness and color of the outline. You can also make the text transparent making only the outline visible and creating a beautiful watermark.

3D text
You can give your watermark a 3D look by selecting the 3D text effect. You can select the depth or thickness of the 3D border and its color. You can choose the direction in which the text will extend to give the 3D look.

Embossed Text
Our users have been asking for the ability of embossing the text for a long time and now we have it! Choosing the emboss effect gives the text a chiseled look and makes watermark subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Image watermark effects

There's now an option to make an image grayscale while using it as watermark. So you can take a color logo and make it black and white and apply it to your photos.

Ability to import/export watermark settings

We have now made it easy to import/export the saved watermark settings of uMark. So if you have uMark installed on another computer and you want to bring over the saved watermarks from that computer to another computer, you can export the settings from that computer and import it in uMark on another computer.

Apart from these we have fixed some bugs and made uMark more stable. uMark is now built for 64 bit version of Windows. We also have a 32 bit version for computers running 32 bit Operating System.

All the users who have purchased uMark on or after 1 May, 2013 will be able to upgrade to uMark 5 for free. Other users can upgrade for half the price.

Download uMark 5 or upgrade.
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Samsung NX30 – camera of the future?

Samsung NX30 is some camera! The hardware is definitely stellar but the software with touchscreen and WiFi and NFC and what not is equally 2014! Is Samsung trying to repeat its success in the mobile market with the cameras? Then it is a step in the right direction.

Compact point and shoot cameras are dying because of the smart phones and the category will be wiped out soon. Camera manufacturers were hoping that DSLRs will save them but now even they have started declining. There's a prediction that other than Canon, Nikon and Sony all other camera manufacturers will disappear and there's a reason why. Cameras on the phones are good enough to take photos of your party or a display in a mall and post it on Instagram or Facebook. But when it comes to taking real photos - photos that you will preserve and will look at when you are old - you still need a proper camera to do that. Things like low light performance, optical image stabilization, optical zoom, larger better quality sensors, fast shooting mode and some amount of control over how the shot will be taken are important features.

The problem is that the camera manufacturers so far have only concentrated on the camera hardware. More megapixels, more optical zoom, better lens and have completely neglected the software part which is becoming more and more important. Look at any top of the line camera today and the UI is still stuck in 1990s. Hardware is important but so is Software and it seems Samsung is the only manufacturer who is realizing it, may be because of their success in the mobile market - great hardware combined with great software makes a killer product. Apple knew it long back, Samsung understood it in time and now may be they are trying to bring it to the camera world. Other than the NX30 Samsung is coming up with Galaxy Camera 2 - the Android based camera, which means the Galaxy Camera 1 was a success. Interesting days are ahead in the camera world.
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