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uMark 5 for Windows is here!
We are happy to announce the release of the next major version of uMark for Windows - uMark 5.

What's new in uMark 5?


The most exciting new feature of uMark 5 is the filters. You can now apply one of the 12 filters to your photos hat will give them a refreshingly new look, with just a click. So if you loved all those apps on your phone where you could apply great effects to your photos and share them with your friends one at a time, here's the same effects on your computer where you can apply them on a batch of photos with a single click.

Text watermark effects

Other than changing the color and shadow of the text you can now apply additional effects like outline, 3D text and emboss.

You can select the outline effect and it will give a border to your text. You can choose the thickness and color of the outline. You can also make the text transparent making only the outline visible and creating a beautiful watermark.

3D text
You can give your watermark a 3D look by selecting the 3D text effect. You can select the depth or thickness of the 3D border and its color. You can choose the direction in which the text will extend to give the 3D look.

Embossed Text
Our users have been asking for the ability of embossing the text for a long time and now we have it! Choosing the emboss effect gives the text a chiseled look and makes watermark subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Image watermark effects

There's now an option to make an image grayscale while using it as watermark. So you can take a color logo and make it black and white and apply it to your photos.

Ability to import/export watermark settings

We have now made it easy to import/export the saved watermark settings of uMark. So if you have uMark installed on another computer and you want to bring over the saved watermarks from that computer to another computer, you can export the settings from that computer and import it in uMark on another computer.

Apart from these we have fixed some bugs and made uMark more stable. uMark is now built for 64 bit version of Windows. We also have a 32 bit version for computers running 32 bit Operating System.

All the users who have purchased uMark on or after 1 May, 2013 will be able to upgrade to uMark 5 for free. Other users can upgrade for half the price.

Download uMark 5 or upgrade.
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