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uMark 4 for Windows Released
New version of uMark for Windows is here, introducing uMark 4!

uMark 4 adds a lot of new features that will make watermarking images an even better experience.

Resizable image watermarks

A long standing demand of our users is now fulfilled with uMark 4. You can now resize the images you want to use as watermark right from within uMark itself. You can resize the image in two ways - proportional to the underlying image or absolute width, height.

Auto numbers in watermarks

Text watermark gets a new macro that of auto numbers. You can now add a number as a watermark and all images will get the numbers in the series. You can select the starting number, the and the number of digits you want the number to be. That's not all, uMark will even remember the last number added as a watermark so next time you want to add numbers on more images you can just resume where you left off last time.

Shapes as watermarks

With uMark 4, you can add shapes such as rectangles, ellipses and polygons as watermarks. You can fill them with a single color or a gradient. Like other types of watermarks you can set the transparency, position, rotation and size of the shapes. Shapes can have a fixed size or they can be set to proportional size depending on the size of the underlying photo.

QR code watermarks

QR codes are great way to quickly pass on any information to a mobile device. Most phones come equipped with a QR code scanner. You can add QR codes as watermarks with uMark. Put your URL in the form of a QR code on your photo so people can scan it and quickly browse to your website. Isn't that cool!

Image effects - borders and shadow
uMark 4 can add borders to your images and also give a shadow effect to make your photos stand out. You can even add watermarks on the border. You can set different sized borders on all four sides and set a color for the border and shadow.

More languages

In addition to the previously available 5 languages (English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish), uMark 4 is available in 3 more languages - French, Portuguese and Turkish. Use uMark in your native language.

Bug fixes and updated user interface
We have fixed a few bugs and also changed the user interface of the text watermark window to make it easier to customize text watermarks. uMark 4 is easier than ever before to use.

All the customers who had purchased uMark on or after 1 January, 2013 can upgrade to uMark 4 for free! All the other users can upgrade to uMark 4 for half the price.

Upgrade to uMark 4 now.

Check out a demo video of uMark 4

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