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PDFMark - HTML to PDF Conversion API
We have launched a new product, PDFMark. PDFMark is an HTML to PDF conversion API that programmers can use to generate PDF documents.

Programmers often need to create PDF documents programmatically. Most common use cases include invoices, receipts, tickets, certificates, agreements and contracts and such. Creating PDF document using one of free libraries is quite cumbersome and has many limitations. Often, libraries are not available for all languages and developers have to search in vain for a library that works for their requirement.

At PDFMark, we have built an easy to use REST API which the programmers can use to create PDF documents from plain HTML and CSS or a URL. PDFMark is built on top of Google Chrome and renders HTML and CSS just like it would render on a browser. It can also execute JavaScript and include the output in the generated PDF. There are several other customizations available like setting PDF page size, orientation, margins and header and footer. Developers can also insert custom JavaScript and CSS code while converting an external URL to PDF. PDFMark also supports webhook callback so developers can get notified when the PDFs are generated.

A unique feature of PDFMark is support for templates. If there is a document that needs to be generated frequently like an invoice or a ticket which has a fixed format only the data changes in each document, then they can be saved as templates on PDFMark. Then each time a PDF needs to be generated, the developer only has to send data in JSON format without generating entire HTML body of the document and PDFMark will generate the PDF document from the template using the values from the JSON data.

After generating the PDF, PDFMark saves it on the cloud and serves it to the end users via a global CDN so the end users can downlod the document blazing fast.

If you are a programmer, check out PDFMark and sign up for a trial account.
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