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Introducing PhotoKeeper - cloud photo backup service for photographers
We are happy to announce the launch of our new product PhotoKeeper. PhotoKeeper is a cloud based photo backup and management service for photographers.

What does it do?

PhotoKeeper takes backup of all your photos from your computer, mobile phone and tablet to our secure cloud. You can access your entire photo collection anytime from anywhere using a web browser.

Why cloud photo backup?

Backup is important. Your computer hard drive may crash, computer can be lost or stolen. You are always at risk of losing your lifetime of memories and professional work. Taking backups on external hard drives isn't much better either, because you have to do it manually and they too can fail. Solution is cloud based photo backup where your files are safe and secure and the backup is completely automated.

What are the benefits of using PhotoKeeper?

PhotoKeeper takes automated backup of your photos so you don’t have to worry about ever losing them. The backup is private and secure. Only you will be able to view your photos.

PhotoKeeper is built specifically for taking backup of photos, it will back up all types of photos including RAW files. So you can delete those huge files from your computer to free up space. You can always get them back from PhotoKeeper whenever you need them.

PhotoKeeper neatly organizes your photos so you can find them by date, by EXIF data, file or folder name and more. Say you want to see all your photos taken with your Canon 5D Mk III and 70-200mm lens at ISO 100 and the aperture of f/2.8 where flash did not fire and which you have rated 3 stars and above – you can do that!

Once your photos are in the cloud you can share them on various social networks like Twitter, 500px Flickr with a single click without having to upload them manually on each site.

If you are a professional photographer, PhotoKeeper will make sharing photos with your clients and soliciting feedback effortless and efficient. You can create private albums for your clients and invite them to view the proofs saving you the need to send photos through emails or pen drives. Clients can comment on photos or annotate their notes resulting in efficient communication.

How much does it cost?

Signing up is free and you get a one month free trial of the service. After that the plans start from $3.99/month where you get 200 GB of storage space.

OK sounds great, where do I find it?

Read more about PhotoKeeper at

Download PhotoKeeper from

PhotoKeeper is available for Windows, Mac and Android. PhotoKeeper for iPhone/iOS is coming in a few days.

Watch the introductory video of PhotoKeeper

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