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Tips and tricks about adding watermarks to photos and how to use uMark - share photos on multiple platforms at once
We have just launched a new product - It is a web app to post photos on multiple platforms at once. You can use it to post photos on Facebook, Twitter, 500px and Flickr simultaneously. What is special about is that you can select platform specific properties for photos while posting them. So you can set keywords which will be used by 500px and Flickr and select a category for 500px. you can connect a Facebook profile, a Facebook page, a Twitter, 500px and Flickr accounts. Once you have connected your various social profiles with you can select up to 10 photos and post them at once on the selected platforms.

If you regularly share your photos on various platforms then going to each site individually and uploading photos manually on them becomes a chore. will come in handy in such situations.

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