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uMark 2 for Mac
Updated version of uMark for Mac is here. We have added several new features to uMark for Mac.

EXIF watermarks
You can now add EXIF properties of photos as watermarks. This was one major feature missing from uMark for Mac. It has now been added. You can access it as a part of text watermark.

Auto numbers in watermark
You can add numbers in a series as a watermark. uMark for Mac goes a step further by allowing you to specify a number with which to increase the count. So if you want want you can create a series of 1,2,3...(increment of 1) or 10,20,30...(increment of 10) or 2,4,6...(increment of 2) etc.

Resizable image watermark
Image watermark can now be resized right from within uMark. You can select to resize an image watermark in proportion to the width or height of the underlying image or in absolute pixel terms. So no matter what size is your logo, you can use it on any size of photo.

Last watermark
uMark 2 for Mac now remembers the last watermark you had added so next time when you want you can quickly add the same watermark. Just select Add saved watermark option and choose a watermark named Last Watermark.

More text watermark formatting options
Text watermark formatting options have been simplified now. You can select the alignment of the multi line watermark in a text in addition to setting the font, text size, bold, italics, underline and strike through options and color as well as shadow options for the text.

Show/Hide watermark
An checkbox next to the watermark quickly lets you turn a watermark on or off. So you can have various watermarks and you can apply them selectively without actually having to delete them.

All the existing users of uMark for Mac can upgrade to uMark 2 for Mac for free Download uMark 2 for Mac from our downloads page.
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