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uMark 4.4 for Windows saves photos as PDF and maintains directory structure
We have added new features to uMark and released uMark 4.4 for windows. It adds option to save watermarked photos as PDF and maintains directory structure.

Save photos as PDF

uMark can now save watermarked photos as PDF documents. If you want to send some sample photos to a prospective client, you can send them as PDF instead of sending individual images.

You can choose to put all photos you are watermarking in a single PDF file or you can have uMark save them as individual PDF documents.

Maintain directory structure

In the previous versions, uMark would save all the watermarked photos into the output folder selected by you. As a result all the photos that belonged to different folders got saved to a single folder. This was a major problem with a lot of our users who had organized the photos in various sub folders. This meant you had to watermark one folder at a time. In this new version, uMark maintains the directory structure of the input images, so you can watermark all your photos at once and uMark will save them in a folder exactly how you had organized them.

Apart from this we have fixed a few bugs which now makes uMark even better.

All the current users of uMark 4 can upgrade to the latest version for free, so are the users who had purchased on or after January 1, 2013. Other users can upgrade the latest version for half the price. Upgrade uMark or Buy uMark.
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