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uMark 4 for Mac is here
New features added -

Ability to add QR code as watermark
A QR code is a machine readable code like bar code. You can encode information like text, URL or contact info in a QR code and add it as a watermark on your photos. The most common use of a QR code is to encode code a URL so that people can scan the QR code with their mobile device and can visit the URL without typing it in the browser. Adding your sire URL as a watermark on your photos is a great way to make it easy for viewers of the photo to come to your site.

Add borders and shadow to photos
uMark for Mac can not apply effects to photos like borders and shadows. Borders are especially useful when you want to add descriptions to the photos. You can add different sized borders to all four sides of a photo with uMark.

Add polygon watermarks
uMark for Mac had the ability add shapes like rectangles and ellipses. Now we have also added the ability add polygon shaped watermarks so you can add shapes with multiple sides. You can give them any color be a single color of a gradient of two colors.

Maintain directory structure of input images
If you were watermarking photos from multiple directories, older versions of uMark would put them all in a single output directory. Now with the ability to maintain the input photos' directory structure uMark can save all the photos in the same same directory structure as they were originally. This means you don't have to watermark only one directory at a time. If you have organized your photos in sub directories then you can just add the entire parent directory and uMark will take care of putting the images in their respective directories when finished.

Save photos as PDF
uMark for Mac can now save photos as a PDF document. Photos can be saved as either individual PDFs or all photos can be combined in a single PDF file. If you are sending a sample of your photos to a prospective client, instead of sending individual image files you can send them a PDF document of watermarked photos.

All the existing users of uMark for Mac can upgrade to the latest version for free.
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For Windows and Mac. Available in 8 languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

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