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uMark 5.3 for Windows
A new version of uMark for Windows is here with new features and bug fixes.

uMark now works well with low resolution devices
More and more users are using uMark on low resolution devices like netbooks and tablets and the fixed size of uMark's text watermark options window was causing a problem as users were not able to see the bottom of the window and hence were not able to set some of the options. That has now been fixed. Users on low resolution devices will now be able to scroll to the bottom of the text watermark options window.

Adjustable increments in auto numbers
We have added an ability to specify the increment value for auto numbers. Previously you could only number the images by the increment of 1 but now you can specify the increment count. So if you want your images to be numbered 10,20,30... then you can specify the increment value to be 10. Or if you want the numbers to be 5,10,15,20... then you can specify the increment value to be 5. Auto numbers are a great way to number your photos.

Quick tip - uMark can remember the last auto number it gave so the next time you watermark more photos you can continue from the same number.

Selective processing
We have added the ability to process selective images from all the images you have added in uMark. Earlier you had to watermark all photos at once, if you wanted to watermark certain photos differently then you had to do it in a different batch. Now you can do it all in single batch with selective watermarking. You can check the photos you want to watermark and uMark will only watermark those photos. And once you are done with processing them you can use the toggle check option and uMark will flip the checkmarks on all photos, checked photos will be unchecked and unchecked photos will be checked.

Other than these new features we have also fixed some bugs, so it should make using uMark easier than before.

All the existing users of uMark 5 can upgrade to 5.3 for free. Just download uMark 5.3 and start using.
Users who have uMark 4 can upgrade for free as well. Download uMark 5.3 and get the new free key from here.
Other users can upgrade to 5.3 for half the price from here.
Download uMark
For Windows and Mac. Available in 8 languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

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