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uMark for Windows 3.11 released, auto rotates photo based on orientation
We have released an updated version of uMark for Windows. This update adds support for auto rotation of a photo based on it's orientation and better error handling.

Earlier uMark would load the photo as it was taken without taking into consideration it's orientation - how the camera was held while the photo was taken. Most image viewers these days display photos as per the orientation, which means if a photo was taken when the camera was held side ways the photo would still show up in upright position when you viewed it.

So this is how the photo would load in uMark 3.10 and prior

And this is how it would load in 3.11

If you want to disable the auto rotate feature you can uncheck the Auto Rotate Images option from Options menu.

Apart from this we have also added better error handling in uMark. Now when uMark encounters an unhandled error you will see and option to send the error details to us so we can examine what went wrong and fix it. If you help us spot an error and fix it, you can get a free license key to uMark! :)

All our existing users of uMark 3.x can upgrade to this version for free. Users having older version of uMark can upgrade for half the price.

Get uMark 3.11 now.
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